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Fishkill, NY

Our Staff

Lori Biasotti, Audiologist

Ear Doctor Lori Biasotti

“I have worn hearing aids since I was 7 years old. As an undergraduate in speech pathology, one of my professors suggested that I would make a good audiologist. Now, over 20 years later, I still love being an audiologist. It allows me to help a patient from the first visit to evaluation, hearing aid fitting, counseling and follow-up.

I like the process and being able to make someone’s life better by finding them the right fitting. It makes a huge difference in their life. I have seen patients – kids and adults – burst with self- confidence and happiness after being properly fit with the right hearing aid. Because of my own hearing loss, I can empathize with everything they feel.”

Stephanie Russo, Audiologist

Ear Doctor Stepanie Russ

"I chose this field because I want to help people with hearing loss and their families. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I worked with hearing impaired children as a teacher’s assistant and saw what a huge impact hearing aids can have on people’s lives, and I wanted to be part of that.

I most enjoy the patient interactions and feeling like I have helped improve someone’s quality of life. That is the most compelling and rewarding experience. I hope to give patients the knowledge and courage to advocate for themselves and others with hearing loss.”

Sharon L. Henkel, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Instrument Specialist Sharon Henkel

“This profession chose me. I really love helping people, meeting new and interesting people and listening to their life stories. Being a good and active listener is such a critical part of working with people who have hearing loss and need hearing aids. Every aspect of my day involves listening and helping people solve their hearing problems so they can enjoy life.”

Melissa Noble, Billing Specialist

Patient Care Specialist Melissa Noble

Allison Griffing, Patient Care Specialist

Patient Care Specialist Allison Griffing